Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Messung und Bewertung der Neigung eines Fahrzeugs

Method and device for measuring and evaluating the inclination of a vehicle


The device presented here for detecting the inclination of a parked vehicle is very small in terms of its geometric dimensions and can be mounted on an electric circuit board like an electronic component, especially since precise alignment of this sensor is not required. The method of measurement is self-adjusting and is very simple in its execution and yet efficient. It has been possible to achieve this by virtue of the fact that the continuously detected measured values of the inclination are assigned by means of membership functions to specific fuzzy sets in such a way that the occurrence of an alarm situation is detected in a very simple way and can be distinguished unambiguously from the situation in which the vehicle is oscillating. This method and the described sensor are principally suitable as a supplement to a basic alarm system for motor vehicles of all kinds in order to prevent, or make more difficult, a possible theft of the vehicle.




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