Gritter or sander vehicle hydraulic appts. control device - measures pressure and revs. rate of hydromotor and controls valve to provide correct pressure of fluid

Steuereinrichtung für eine Hydraulikanlage


The control device has a scale (17, 17', 18, 18') connected to proportional valves (15, 16). A hydro-pump (10) controllably provides pressure fluid for two hydromotors (23, 29). The respective hydromotor controllers include proportional valves (15, 16) and scales (17, 18). The controllers also include a flow limiting valve to provide the correct dosage of pressure fluid through the proportional valve. An electronic control device (47) uses the hydromotor revolution speed to set the proportional valves. The hydromotor and hydropump are in fixed positions. The electronic control device includes a pressure sensor (76, 77) for measuring actual pressure and providing desired revs. speed value for the control device. ADVANTAGE - Sensitive control, is constructed with few hydraulic control devices, compact, accurate hydromotor control.




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