Bewegliche Meßeinrichtung für die Überwachung der Transportbedingungen in Stückgutförderanlagen

Moving measuring device for monitoring the transport conditions in piece-goods conveyor systems


Known transport-monitoring devices have the disadvantage that the measurement values cannot be acquired continuously as a function of the location. Such devices can therefore not be used for unambiguously allocating a particular measuring location of the transporting path to a particular measurement value so that a fault source analysis is not possible or only inadequately so. These problems are solved by a measuring device in which mains-independent measuring and recording means and timers and necessary peripheral devices such as distance sensors for detecting the distances between a carrier body and limiting system components are arranged on the carrier body. In addition, the carrier body has at least one image-recording device for detecting and storing image scenes of the environment of the measuring location reached at the respective measuring times. In addition or as an alternative, measurement value pickups for such measurable field quantities are arranged, the variation of which has a characteristic position-dependence along the conveying path which is suitable for identifying the measuring location. The carrier body also exhibits measurement value stores for recording the measurement values during the passage of the measuring device over the conveying path and/or means for temporarily storing measurement data, and measurement value transmitters for transmitting the measurement data to external receivers. <IMAGE>




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