Asphalt sampler assembly minimising health risks and maximising solvent recovery and reuse - with sieve tower either in solvent sepn. and recovery unit circuit, or in drying assembly flow circuit


An extn. arrangement (10) is used to determine the portion of binding agents and aggregates in a sample of asphalt. It incorporates a number of sieves (30,32) assembled into a sieve tower (12,14) which hold or take up samples, a sepn. unit (16) such as a centrifuge located down flow from the sieve tower, and a solvent recovery unit (20) linked both to the sepn. unit and the sieve tower. The sieve tower (12,14) is arranged as a unit as required, either in the sepn. unit (16) and the recovery unit (20) flow circuit, or in the flow circuit encompassing the drying assembly (24,26). USE/ADVANTAGE - The assembly determines the portion of binding agents and aggregates in a sample of asphalt. The arrangement minimises risk to human health by preventing the escape of solvents, and recovers solvents for reuse.




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