Hot gas engine


In a hot gas engine with at least one gas-permeable displacement piston (5), arranged in a displacement chamber (1) and containing a heat accumulator (9) and a cooler (10) arranged thereunder, and with at least one working piston (7) defining a working chamber (3), flow-connected to the lower area of the displacement chamber (1), by means of which piston a crankshaft (21), coupled to a piston rod (15) of the displacement piston (5) led out of the displacement chamber (1), can be driven, the displacement chamber (1) being covered at the top by a radiation-transparent disc (12) and the upperside of the displacement piston (5) being designed as absorber (11), a simple and low-cost construction together with a high efficiency and long service life can be achieved in that the piston rod (15) of the displacement piston (5) is attached to a traction element (19), looped over deflection sheaves (20) and which can be made to reciprocate by means of the crankshaft (21). <IMAGE>




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