Floating body in honeycomb construction and method of producing the same

Schwimmkörper in Wabenzellenbauweise und Verfahren zur Herstellung desselben


As seen in plan view, the floating body according to the invention in honeycomb construction is split longitudinally in the centre area into a right half and a left half. In this area, both parts are adhesively bonded after the curing of the sandwich laminates in the negative-mould halves. At the same time, a load-absorbing and sealing longitudinal stringer is obtained in the area of the adhesive bonding. In the radii of the floating-body sides, hitherto utilised for the joints and adhesive bonding, honeycomb cores of smaller height and/or larger comb cross-section are connected to form multiple layers with the use of fibre-plastic intermediate layers imparting adhesion. The advantage is the increased overall stability while omitting the previous troublesome adhesively bonded joints in the lateral areas; instead, a uniform force distribution without interrupting the lines while stability is additionally increased by the integrated longitudinal stringer and the adhesively bonded joint contained in it. <IMAGE>




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