Prefabricated concave moulding type radiant heating system

Vorgefertigte Hohlkehle-Strahlenheizung


This prefabricated concave moulding type radiant heating system comprises a concavely shaped gypsum plaster heating element 1 containing the cast-in heating pipes 2, and the suspension brackets 3, the vertical suspension part 3a forming a unit with the horizontal part 3b and the so-called slide 3c. The slide 3c is a fastening part which is inserted in a metal running rail 4, this rail being let into a wooden plank 5. In this arrangement, the plank 5 is fixed to the main supporting framework by fixing elements 6. To ensure that the suspension bracket 3 is also seated vertically and horizontally perfectly, a locating screw 7 is fitted on the vertical part of the suspension bracket 3a. <IMAGE>




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