Wind generator construction for use during gymnastics - extracts air from room, treats it, and directs it to user etc

Konstruktion zur Winderzeugung für gesunde Gymnastik und andere Standort gebundene körperliche Belastungen


Air is extracted from a room via a suction tube and/or into air guides, from where it is ejected direction- orientated. The construction is adapted to the spaces where it is used, so that air speeds correspond to natural conditions, e.g. while cycling. If the air is extracted via a ventilator, it may be treated by a heat exchanger, cleaned by a filter, and enriched with oxygen, moisture, or similar. The energy for ventilator, heat exchanger, can be taken from the gymnastics appliance via suitable couplings. USE/ADVANTAGE - During gymnastics and similar physical activities, to aid perspiration and prevent overheating of the body. y




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