Cleaning of anode stubs in rotary drum - esp. to recover stubs and deposit material for reuse in electrolytic aluminium@ prodn.

Verfahren und Einrichtung zur Abreinigung von Restanoden


Cleaning of anode stubs is carried out in a rotary cleaning drum, pref. by passing the anode stubs (12) continuously through the drum (1), the stubs being supplied at one drum end and the cleaned stubs being discharged at the other drum end. Equipment for carrying out the above process includes a rotary cleaning drum which is used for cleaning and/or crushing anode stubs, separated from the electrode rods, and which pref. has apertures (8) in its side wall (2) for discharging of crushed material or material separated from the anode stubs (12). The drum (1) has internal cam- or ledge-like cleaning elements on its wall for detaching deposits of carbon and bath material from the stubs (12), these materials being subsequently separately recovered. The recovered stubs are subsequently broken up to allow magnets sepn. of their cast iron sleeves from carbon material. USE/ADVANTAGE - In electrolytic aluminium prodn., for removing fused deposits from anode stubs to allow recycling of alumina and other deposit material to the electrolysis process, and to allow reuse of the stubs in prodn. of carbon anodes. The process provides rapid and effective, thorough cleaning of the anode stubs.




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