Upright formwork mounting for concrete pillar - has supporting members held on formwork outside by enclosing strap, members comprising of wood in H=sectioned metal fitting

Vorrichtung, um eine zum herstellen eines betonpfeilers dienende schalung in senkrechter position zu halten


The mounting has two or more supporting members (3) secured to the outside of the formwork by a distorting strap passing round the latter. The members are equipped for the attachment of the holding components. Each member comprises a piece of wood (11) in a metal fitting (4, 5,6) and, to hitch the holding component, is nailed, the latter consisting of a plant (14) fixed at the bottom end and to the portion of the building etc. on which the formwork rests. The metal fitting is of H-section in plan view and formed by three sections of sheet-metal, acting as a supporting shoe against the formwork. ADVANTAGE - Usable with formwork of any desired cross-section.




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