Instrument for temporary and permanent positioning of pacemaker probe in heart - uses unipolar or bipolar flexible plastic probes for insertion in heart and matched to following arranged amplification stage and headset

Gerät zur Plazierung von temporären und permanenten Schrittmachersonden im Herzen


The headset with the probe in the heart cavity, enables the depolarisation in the heart and also the excitation spread at a voltage level of about 1-15 mV and with a frequency of 60-150 Hz to be made audible. The phono-cardiographic data produced e.g. by the heart muscle contraction, the heart valve movement and the blood flow or the surrounding structure, by the capacitor type microphone working using a bipolar probe. The data is converted to a voltage, made accessible at the headset. The signals can be optionally supplied, using a loudspeaker, a tape recorder or an oscillograph screen. A terminal for a commercial pacemaker battery can be used for the tape recorder or the oscillograph. An operating switch (1) is provided for the position mode and a switch (2) is provided for the stimulation mode. ADVANTAGE - Probe is positioned at optimum part and quickly changed over to stimulation mode. Easy for doctor to operate. With unipolar probe only electrical data is used.




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