Vorrichtung zur Beseitigung eines Ölteppichs

Oil slick removal appts. with simple structure - comprises towable V=shaped array of inflatable tubes


Oil slick removal appts. has two inflatable tube sections (1, 2) which combine to form a V shape and which are fixed, at their ends remote from the apex, to tugs (4, 5) and, at the apex ends, to a ship (3) equipped with an oil suction device. Further inflatable tube sections (7, 8, 9) may extend from the V apex between the two outer tube sections (1, 2), all the tube sections being connected together by cross-braces (10-12). A transverse tube section (13) also extends between the ends of the two outer tube sections (1, 2), for fastening the intermediate tube sections (7-9). Waves can lap over the transverse tube section (13) but not the outer tube sections (1, 2). A foil extends below and is fastened to the tube sections to form pleats (21). ADVANTAGE - The appts. is simple and provides rapid and effective oil slick removal.




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