Luftreinigungseinrichtung insbesondere für eine Schuhreparaturmaschine

Dust sepn. from an air stream - is used to preliminarily settle coarse particulates followed by filtration e.g. for shoe buffing or grinding machines


Air cleaning device with a filter, especially for shoe-repair machinery, having the novel feature that the cleaning device processes a separate (5) located upstream of the filter (11,12). Dust-lader air from a belt (2), or other type, of girds, etc, is pulled fownward, away from the operators nose and mouth, from the working point through an intake (3), closable by a flap (4), into a separator chamber (5), under the influence of a fan (9). The air flow is temporarily compressed by the restricting boffle (7) and immediately expanded to reduce its velocity and cause precipitate of large particles into the collector (6). The air containing residual, fire particlates is pulled through opening (8) and fan ((0 to be discharged to atmosphere as purified air after passing through a filter cartridge (11). Polyester fleece is the preferred filter medium, and this may be corrugated to increase the filtration surface, and/or metallic coated to provide electrical conductivity and thereby reduce static electrical retention. The filter can be cleared to reverse air jet blowing. USE/ADVANTAGE - Preliminary gravitational separation of coarse particulates by reduction of the velocity of the air stream, to reduce the loading on the filter element.




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