Vorrichtung zum pruefen der enden von stabfoermigen tabakartikeln, vorzugsweise von zigaretten

Cigarette end testing appts. using HF capacitive field - has ceramics plate used to align ends of cigarettes with HF electrode for measuring tobacco packing density


The testing device has a testing conveyor transporting the cigarettes (2) perpendicular to their longitudinal axes, at a given relative spacing, past a stationary capacitive measuring device with HF electrodes (11), for measuring the tobacco packing density. A positioning device aligns the cigarette ends with the HF electrodes and uses a ceramics guide surface on the side of the HF electrodes facing the cigarettes. Pref. a guide surface (6) is provided by the front face of a ceramics plate (9), with the HF electrodes applied to its rear face (12) via a thick-film technique. ADVANTAGE - Improved consistency of abrasion, dielectric constant, temp. characteristics and loss angle of positioning system.




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