Spurgefuehrtes transportfahrzeug


A track-guided transport vehicle (1) for transporting big loads along a track contains a synchronous linear drive provided with a long stator (5) that extends along the track and an exciter winding arranged on the vehicle. The long stator (5) generates a field of travelling waves that cooperates with a static magnetic field generated by an exciter winding (E) on the vehicle so as to move it forward. In order to supply electric drive energy to the compressor unit (8) that generates the compressed air required for air cushions (3, 3'), a higher frequency alternative current is superimposed on the current supplied to the windings along the track, said alternative current being coupled by a transformer to the winding on the vehicle. There the energy can be decoupled by means of a rectifier and be made available for feeding the electromotor of the compressor unit (8).




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