Elastomeric sealing ring contg. barrier medium - esp. for sealing aggressive oils on shafts


A shaft sealing ring, made of elastomeric material and used esp. for sealing aggressive and/or deposit-forming oils, has three axially spaced lips and two pocket-like cavities formed by the lips and the ring body. The axially inner and outer lips (9,10) are sealing lips, the middle lip (11) is a protective lip and the cavity between the middle and outer lips (10,11) is completely fitted with a barrier medium. The barrier medium is pref. a grease (esp. silicone grease) which is compatible with the sealing ring material and which is not soluble in the oil. USE/ADVANTAGE - The ring is used esp. to seal the input-side and/or output-side drive shaft(s) of (esp. vehicle) transmissions (claimed), but may also be used to seal pump shafts and crankshafts of i.e. engines, washing machines and the like. It provides reliable sealing and increased service life even in contact with aggressive media, esp. highly blended oils contg. additives which attack elastomers.




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