Vorrichtung zum herstellen von spaetzle

Appliance for making spaetzle or pasta dumplings - has funnel shaped bowl with side holes in base, with wooden crank turned to eject dough, and roller


The appliance consists of a funnel-shaped bowl (1) contg. the dough, with elongated cylindrical base (2) to one side of which are outlets (8) pref. 2.5 millimetres in dia. A compression roller (3) of smaller dia. than the bowl's base is driven by a wooden crank (4) with roughened top surface and rests along one lengthwise side in the base's rounded hollow. The other side has a wedge-shaped gap (7) into which the dough enters when the roller rotates. A lengthwise hole through the roller leads into a quadrilateral hole (18) on one end, cooperating with a reinforcement disc (19). The length of dough pressed out by the compression roller is cut off by its own weight. USE/ADVANTAGE - The appliance easily and reliably produces `home-made-type' `Spaetzle' which drop off into the boiling water in the pan underneath.




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