Vorrichtung zum einspannen von schlauch- oder rohrfoermigen probekoerpern fuer zerreissmaschinen bei der festigkeitsuntersuchung

Tubular or pipe shaped test bodies clamping system for tensile testing machine - has two clamping places each provided with one or more part holding ring with conical through bore and conical plug


The conical through bores of the holding ring (3) and the conical plug (1) at each clamping place, have the same angle of slope and taper in the direction of the tubular or pipe shaped test body (2) located between the two clamping places. The tensile force (4) is applied at the two ends. The conically widened outer surfaces of the two ends of the tubular or pipe shaped test body (2), in which the conical plugs are located, make positive contact with the inner surfaces of the conical through bores of the holding rings (3). USE/ADVANTAGE - Test and material laboratories. Gives exact tensile strength testing without large cost. Material of test piece is not damaged and test body is easily removed.




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