Verfahren und vorrichtung zum exakten scharnierachsbezueglichen einbau von kiefermodellen

Determining position of jaw hinge axis - using pins mounted in ball-joints at ends of L=shaped arms


Dentures are produced for a particular patient with the aid of a model of the patient's jaw. In order to produce such a model it is necessary to determine the exact position of the hinge axis of the patient's jaw. The position of the hinge axis is found by means of an apparatus consisting of two L-shaped arms (13) which are attached by pivoting joints to a central block (18). The block is attached to a plate (22) which is gripped between the patient's teeth. The outer ends of these arms carry pins (14) which are mounted in ball joints (15). The pins (14) mark the position of the hinge axis of the jaws on the skin of the patient's cheeks. USE/ADVANTAGE - Apparatus for making a model of a patient's jaw. Has mechanism to determine position of jaw hinge axis.




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