Fluid guiding element for supplying and discharging cooling fluid for fluid-cooled power electronics, has helix dividing interior space of pipe into supply channel for supplying cooling fluid and discharge channel for discharging fluid

Fluidführungselement und Fluidführungssystem zum Zuführen und Abführen eines Kühlfluids


The element (100) has a helix (104) arranged in an interior space of a pipe (102) i.e. cylindrical pipe section, and dividing the interior space into a supply channel for supplying a cooling fluid and a discharge channel for discharging the fluid. The pipe comprises a supply connection (110) and a discharge connection (112) fluidically connected with the supplying and discharge channels respectively, where the connections are formed as pipe unions and aligned in a plane (114). A coupling element (106) comprises a circumferential sealing element to seal against a sealing surface of the element. The sealing element is designed as a seal lip or an O-ring. The helix is formed as a twisted flat material stripe. Independent claims are also included for the following: (1) a fluid guide system (2) a method for producing a fluid guiding element for supplying and discharging a cooling fluid.
Die vorliegende Erfindung betrifft ein Fluidführungselement (100) zum Zuführen und Abführen eines Kühlfluids, wobei das Fluidführungselement (100) ein Rohr (102) und eine Helix (104) aufweist, die in einem von dem Rohr (102) umschlossenen Innenraum des Rohrs (102) angeordnet ist, und dazu ausgebildet ist, den Innenraum in einen Kanal zum Zuführen (204) des Kühlfluids und einen Kanal zum Abführen (206) des Kühlfluids zu teilen.




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