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US-2017163659-A1: Secured distributed computing across multiple firewalls patent, US-2017270860-A1: Pixel circuit and drive method thereof, and related device patent, US-2015045023-A1: Methods and apparatus for improved measurements in wireless communication systems patent, US-2015058832-A1: Auto multi-threading in macroscalar compilers patent, US-2015059200-A1: Dryer appliance and a method for operating the same patent, US-2015068554-A1: Mechanisms for cleaning load ports of semiconductor process tools patent, US-2015080603-A1: Method for producing organic acids and organic acid degradation compounds from biomass patent, US-2015095320-A1: Apparatus, systems and methods for scoring the reliability of online information patent, US-2015174887-A1: Methods for ink-based digital printing with high ink transfer efficiency patent, US-2015182349-A1: Spacer for insertion between two vertebrae patent, US-2015210536-A1: Mems pressure sensors and fabrication method thereof patent, US-2015218939-A1: Graphical method for assisting multi-zones commingling decision patent, US-2015222364-A1: Semiconductor packages with optical transceivers patent, US-2015232801-A1: Method for optimizing a process for freeze drying a bacteria-containing concentrate patent, US-2015330796-A1: System and method of voice based personalized interactive evacuation guidance patent, US-2015375695-A1: Apparatus for smart antenna sharing in a vehicle and methods for implementing the apparatus patent, US-2016018293-A1: Single-ended high voltage tire integrity testing systems and methods patent, US-2016082741-A1: Fluid cartridge sub-assembly patent, US-2016094510-A1: System and method for messaging in a multitenant application server environment patent, US-2016111039-A1: Information processing device and information processing method patent, US-2016136251-A1: CD4 T Cell Vaccine and Use Thereof patent, US-2016189843-A1: Magnetic adapter assembly patent, US-2016217001-A1: Provisioning Customized Virtual Machines without Rebooting patent, US-2016270956-A1: Applicator for superficial corneal medicaments patent, US-2016280967-A1: Surface protection sheet patent, US-2017045338-A1: Three-dimensional target for conducted electrical weapons patent, US-2017084858-A1: Light emitting device patent, US-2017106396-A1: Adhesive Applying Head, Adhesive Applying Device and Manufacture Method for Touch-Control Display Panel patent, US-2017186788-A1: Image sensor and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2017227960-A1: Autonomous vehicle with modular control interface patent, US-2015085453-A1: Stacked circuit board assembly with compliant middle member patent, US-2015095617-A1: Using software having control transfer termination instructions with software not having control transfer termination instructions patent, US-2015126410-A1: Means and methods to increase adenovirus production patent, US-2015131441-A1: Load balancing method and system for multi-band network patent, US-2015150668-A1: Urological device patent, US-2015166183-A1: Seating Arrangement patent, US-2015229269-A1: Method and equipment for testing photovoltaic arrays patent, US-2015231132-A1: Procaspase-activating compounds and methods patent, US-2015258063-A1: Isotopologues of isoindole derivatives patent, US-2015261256-A1: Information processing method and electronic device patent, US-2015300708-A1: Cooling system and method for magnetic bearing compressors patent, US-2015304355-A1: Automated Synchronized Domain Wide Transient Policy patent, US-2015309794-A1: Branch prediction patent, US-2015340619-A1: Electronic Device patent, US-2015341287-A1: Estimating the time until a reply email will be received using a recipient behavior model patent, US-2016047764-A1: Monitoring of the freezing state of a biopharmaceutical fluid found in a container patent, US-2016146101-A1: Gas turbine with plurality of tie rods and method of assembling the same patent, US-2016147127-A1: Display unit and electronic apparatus patent, US-2016195668-A1: Backlight source and display apparatus comprising the same patent, US-2016213797-A1: Low energy electron sterilization patent, US-2016272866-A1: Antifreeze solution, depletion prevention agent for a plant and heating medium solution patent, US-2016274648-A1: Method of enabling sleep mode, memory control circuit unit and storage apparatus patent, US-2016376430-A1: Propylene resin composition patent, US-2017007892-A1: Golf club heads and methods to manufacture golf club heads patent, US-2017030636-A1: Apparatus for the production of low pressure gaseous oxygen patent, US-2017054304-A1: Mechanical Battery Ramp patent, US-2017115620-A1: Post processing apparatus and image forming apparatus patent, US-2017131554-A1: Pupillary Adjustable Head Mounted Device patent, US-2017235629-A1: Automated ordering of computer system repair patent, US-2015078406-A1: Mapping a plurality of signals to generate a combined signal comprising a higher data rate than a data rate associated with the plurality of signals patent, US-2015194196-A1: Memory system with high performance and high power efficiency and control method of the same patent, US-2015222652-A1: System and Method for Identification and Blocking of Unwanted Network Traffic patent, US-2015280291-A1: Traction battery assembly with spring component patent, US-2016031393-A1: Wire harness patent, US-2016032835-A1: Air-driven particle pulverizer for gas turbine engine cooling fluid system patent, US-2016085647-A1: System and method for handling multi-node failures in a disaster recovery cluster patent, US-2016148041-A1: Method for face recognition through facial expression normalization, recording medium and device for performing the method patent, US-2016180759-A1: Optimization method and system of real-time lcd white balance selection patent, US-2016239008-A1: Motor control program transferring system, host controller, motor control device, and motor control program transferring method patent, US-2016309777-A1: Rod for a smoking article and method and apparatus for manufacture patent, US-2017075722-A1: Increasing the efficiency of scheduled and unscheduled computing tasks patent, US-2017076017-A1: System and method for realizing a building using automated building massing configuration generation patent, US-2017106683-A1: Printer patent, US-2017162261-A1: Preservation circuit and methods to maintain values representing data in one or more layers of memory patent, US-2017211391-A1: Blade assembly patent, US-2018020013-A1: Program, information processing device, and information processing method patent, US-2015062878-A1: Adjustable Kiosk patent, US-2015073687-A1: Traffic control agency deployment and signal optimization for event planning patent, US-2015093637-A1: Secondary battery patent, US-2015117566-A1: Method and system for multi-channel signal transmission patent, US-2015121021-A1: Apparatus and method for controlling storage devices patent, US-2015156288-A1: Parser for parsing header in packet and related packet processing apparatus patent, US-2015167433-A1: Proximity calculation in a geoscience domain patent, US-2015193099-A1: Tab scrubbing using navigation gestures patent, US-2015229353-A1: Echo cancellation methodology and assembly for electroacoustic communication apparatuses patent, US-2015251526-A1: Roller blind system for a sliding roof patent, US-2015256229-A1: Systems and methods for improving the robustness of an nfc forum peer-to-peer link patent, US-2015259696-A1: Guard cell promoters and uses thereof patent, US-2015308104-A1: Facing element for a building patent, US-2015346262-A1: Multi-frequency ground monitor current sensing patent, US-2016003779-A1: Omni-directional shear-horizontal wave electromagnetic acoustic transducer patent, US-2016061338-A1: Water tap body and installation patent, US-2016064347-A1: Bump on Pad (BOP) Bonding Structure patent, US-2016146545-A1: Mechanical fastener patent, US-2016197876-A1: Method for centralized address resolution patent, US-2016230948-A1: Light device, especially a headlight for motor vehicles patent, US-2016264147-A1: Method for operating a motor vehicle, control device, and computer program product patent, US-2016293093-A1: Demultiplexer and display device including the same patent, US-2016314775-A1: Pickup assembly for an electrical stringed musical instrument patent, US-2013298355-A1: Climbing equipment to inhibit access to climbing route and methods to use the same patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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